• Tommy Mack's Stage 3 350Z

    Tommy was about to trade his Z in, when he happened by RDZ Motorsports.  He stopped in and found he had a car that had some great potential. 

    We helped with a Full Fast Intentions exhaust, Osirus tune by Up Rev, Nismo suspension and Carbon Fiber bits and pieces.

    Tom also purchased some 20" Axxis wheels wrapped with BF Goodrich KDW2's all around.

  • The Sabarese's Mini

    Mini came to us with some front end suspension damage.

    We gave it a new axle, checked the sway bar, lower control arm, strut and buttoned up the belly pan and off she went.

  • Myron's 1987 Z31 Turbo

  • Alan Rossler's 280zx

    This car came to us from another shop that was having trouble finding the reasons why it did not run.  After several hours and some parts, this 280 was back moving down the road.

  • Dave Koger's 300zx TT Auto

    The Super White Z32 has always been looked at as one of the best colored offered by Nissan.

    Since Dave and his wife purchased their Z, it has made the trip to Florida and back.  Another great example of just how well these cars have stood the time of time.

  • James Forte's Viper

    James purchased this Viper because of is limited production.

    The deep blue was only offer for one year.

  • Zack Ros's 350Z Drop Top

    Zack became part of the RDZ family on 4/15/11.

    He had us upgrade his Z with an Osirus flash tune.

  • Ruben Akerman's 300ZX TT Convertable

    Here is one 300zx you don't see often.  The convertible was never offered as a TT, but that didn't stop Ruben from feeding his need for power and then some.

  • Quan's 2007 Infiniti M35X

    What style, the M35X is beautiful and rolls down the road with class.

    Now with a 1.5 drop it sits with the proper wheel gap and not the factory "on stilts" look.

  • Jerry Palanzo's 2010 Supercharged G37X Sedan, Built by RDZ Motorsports

    4/20/2011- Hold on to your hats. Jerry is on a mission, the most impressively upgraded G37X Sedan that has been built in the US.

  • John Cole's 2001 525ci

    John has had his BMW for sometime and after having it sit for a bit due to a broken transmission decided to have it fix and take it a little further.

    We replaced the clutch, flywheel, throwout bearing (which fell apart upon removal), anti squeak pedal bushings, performance tranny fluid and a short throw shifter.  We also upgraded the brakes to performance cross drilled & slotted rotors and went one step up in pad performance.

    Nice car John.

  • Don Carlson's Dirt track racer-click here for more

    Don Carlson has many championship wins, including the Mr. Dirtcar championship.  This car is a Mopar powered V8, we are proud to help sponsor Don in his quest for greatness in 2011.

  • Phil Pandolfo's 1994 300zx TT

    Here is the Silver Metallic 300zx.  This color is pretty rare and Phil has kept this one a great example of what the Z32 should look like.

    It has many goodies added:

    Power Mods: Single Pop Air intake, Performance Manifolds, Down Pipes, High flow cats, Catback exhaust, 555 Injectors, Blitz Boost Controller, Upgraded ECU

    Brakes: 13" Front 2 piece rotor upgrade with Hawk HPS Pads, SS Lines, Super Blue  Fluid

    Suspension: Tein coilovers, Suspension Technics sway bars, Steering rack & front lower control arm Urethane bushings, Rear upper strut bar, Adjustable Arms and tension rods

  • Doc D's Mini

    2006 Mini Cooper S Droptop- We did some basic upgrades, which really wake the Cooper S up.

    DDM Air intake, WDW Pulley Kit, New Colder Plugs, and a Short Throw Shifter Kit. Makes for some fun motoring on a Spring Day.

  • 1972 240Z in Phoenix Orange-owner: Scott Cole

    Beautifully restored the Phoenix Orange suits this car to a T.  The process of bringing it by from certain retirement started back in the mid 90's.

    Some additions have been made which make it an absolute dream to drive. Scott installed a front and rear performance strut bars and lowered it a bit to stable the roll while giving it a much more aggressive stance.  He also added some K & N filters which play a double roll by improving both performance and esthetics.  

  • RDZ's In House 07 350z Stg 3- owner: Scott Cole

    This perfect example of what the 07 350Z was meant to be is now sporting some very impressive mods.  It has a dual performance Nismo intake, Fast Intentions High Flow Cats with a Fast Intentions true dual Exhaust. The Engine is helped by a custom tuned Osirus EMS programmed by RDZ.  The rearend was upgraded using a Carbonetics 1.5 way LSD and a SZ clutch and lighten flywheel was added to handle the increased power. The wheels are Axxis Matrix 19X9.5F, 19X10R with BF Goodrich KDW-2 285's out back for traction.(although it seems that those may have to the next level as well).  Rotors have been replaced by slotted and drilled pieces and Hawk HP plus pads to get it down to just under the "Radar" when needed.

  • Bob Sharp's Cars

    Since 1963, Bob Sharp has been a Datsun/Nissan enthusiast. His dedication and passion for automobiles is evident by his success on the track and as a team owner with over 20 National titles and several National Championships.  This gallery represents only a small amount of the cars Bob has owned, built, and raced.

  • RDZ's In House 1991 300zx TT, owner:Rich Amatulli

    This 300zx TT was acquired after Rich totaled his first Z32 at high speed.   The engine, powertrain, radiator, and exhaust all survived and were transplanted into the body you see here.  Numerous improvements have and continue to made.  At 500+ horsepower, with tons of parts removed and lightened, this Z moves with an Demon like acceleration.

  • RDZ's in House 350Z SUPERCAR!!-owner: Steve Clark-click here for more

    The Most Powerful 350Z in the Northeast

    Updated 11/15/10: 547 WHP at 22 PSI. It is completed and back on the street.
    Built by RDZ Motorsports, owner- Steve Clark's 350z includes: Seibon Carbon fiber hood, custom TSW wheels, full Bassani Exhaust, Stance GR plus coilovers, Cusco adj. fnt control arms, Intensepower rear camber arms, Kintex toe arms, Hotchkis sway bars...

      RDZ Custom Motor fully built, RDZ modified Powerlab single Turbo kit with ceramic heated treated pipes, polished intake, RPS Max Street clutch & flywheel, Blitz SBC Boost controller, Innovate Wideband air/fuel ratio system, Koyo alum. thick core radiator, Front Facsia will be Carbon Creative's C2 and Carbon rear diffuser

  • 1978 Aston Martin V8

    Amongst aficionados Aston Martins are considered to be one of the premiere grand touring cars.  The history of these hand crafted English autos includes major victories in sports car racing, including the 24 hours of Le Mans in the 50's, 60's and again in 2007 and 2008, as well as the famed James Bonds cars of every era for the last 50 years. 

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